Steel Bridge Songfest 2018 Performers
(Confirmed as of 5/24/2018...More to come! Check back often!)
PERFORMERS, please read Performer Info & FAQs
CONSTRUCTION ZONE SONGWRITERS, please read Songwriter Info & FAQs
** Indicates Construction Zone Songwriters
** Adam Flaig (Cincinnati, OH)
The Adam Haste Band (Door County, WI)
** Andrea Wittgens (New York, NY)
Andrea Wittgens Band (New York, NY)
Anna Sacks (Milwaukee, WI)
** Barrett Tasky (Chicago, IL)
Belleville (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
** Ben Spatol (McHenry, IL)
Billy Dreamer (Milwaukee, WI)
Blame It On Cain (Milwaukee, WI)
Bootleg Bessie (Milwaukee, WI)
Brent McDonald (Green Bay, WI)
Brett Newski (The World)
Bronson Wisconsin (Los Angeles, CA)
** Bruce Butkovich (Atlanta, GA)
** Carley Baer (Cambridge, MA)
** Cathy Grier (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Charles Boheme (Spring Green, WI)
Charles Oxbow (Glen Ellyn, IL)
The Chocolateers (Green Bay, WI)
** Craig Greenberg (New York, NY)
** Dan O Stoffels (Nashville, TN)
David Cox (Columbus, WI)
David Woods (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Delanie Rae (Appleton, WI)
Derx Brax Band (Madison, WI)
Despina Pafralides (Round Lake, IL)
Devil to Drag (Madison, WI)
Thy Dirty Deuce (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
DPCD (Chicago, IL)
Eric Baer (Greenville, WI)
** Eric McFadden (Hollywood, CA)
Eric McFadden & Friends (Hollywood, CA)
** Erica Wobbles (Monterey, CA)
Feathered Mason (Nashville, TN)
Floor Model (Milwaukee, WI)
The Foamers? (Green Bay, WI)
** Genevieve Heyward (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Geri X (St. Petersburg, FL)
Grandma (Atlanta, GA)
** Greg Roteik (Waukesha, WI)
Half Moon Wankers (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
Holly Olm (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Horace Greene (Oshkosh, WI)
Hott Ttarget (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
The Idiots (Chicago, IL)
** James Hall (Kennesaw, GA)
** Jamey Clark (Door County, WI)
Jay Schraub (Chicago, IL)
** Jerod Kaszynski (Eau Claire, WI)
Jiffy Slim (Green Bay, WI)
** Jimm McIver (Seattle, WA)
Jon Doll (Sheboygan, WI)
** Josh Harty (Madison, WI)
Julien Kozak (Gainesville, FL)
** Kate Vargas (New York, NY)
** Liam Hall (Kennesaw, GA)
** Lillie Lemon (Monterey, CA)
Listening Party (Milwaukee, WI)
Little Cisco (Green Bay, WI)
** Liv Mueller (Milwaukee, WI)
Liv Rather (Madison, WI)
** Lumberjack Cash (Tempe, AZ)
** Marja Johnson (Los Angeles, CA)
Mark Raddatz (Jacksonport, WI)
Marybeth Mattson (Jacksonport, WI)
** Matt Spatol (Silver Lake, WI)
The Meatcurtains (Milwaukee, WI)
** melaniejane (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Michael McKinnon (Milwaukee, WI)
** Michael Bleck (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
** Mike Wheeler (Nashville, TN)
** Morgan Rae (Madison, WI)
OMG...I'm Famous (Door County, WI)
The Oscillators (Kenosha, WI)
** pat mAcdonald (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
The Plum Dogs (Door County, WI)
R3id (Chicago, IL)
Rae (Madison, WI)
Rayko Pipes (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Red Ben and the Missing Miles (Stevens Point, WI)
** Ruby James (Los Angeles, CA)
Ruby James Band (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
Seth Raddatz (Jacksonport, WI)
Small Forest Girls (Door County, WI)
Sophie Sputnik (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Spatola (Milwaukee, WI)
The Spider Accomplice (Los Angeles, CA)
** Stephen Cooper (Oshkosh, WI)
** Steve Hamilton (Milwaukee, WI)
** Steve Smith (Chicago, IL)
The Strips (Minneapolis, MN)
** Tae Popour (Green Bay, WI)
** Tarl Knight (Green Bay, WI)
The Traditions (Milwaukee, WI)
TRiSiS (Central, WI)
** Vincent Gates (Seattle, WA)
Wade Fernandez (Keshena, WI)
WiFEE and THE HUZzBAND (Holiday Music Motel, WI)
woolen lover (South Bend, IN & Ephraim, WI)
The Zach Pietrini Band (Milwaukee, WI)
Zach Vogel (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
The Zimmer Effect (Milwaukee, WI)
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