1. Songbird
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(Geri X featuring Chris Aaron)


In a house on a hill
Lived a woman who had finally learned to sit still
Growing up, you couldn’t keep her feet on the ground
But she found a songbird that finally settled her down

Now she sits in the house and prays
While the songbird’s out building bridges all day
So soon they can leave the house where it is
With every mile, said the songbird, I will give you a kiss
From me, from me, from me, from me

But she sits at the window and cries
Crystals fall heavy out of the lids of her eyes
Because she thinks someday she will root like a tree
And when the songbird goes, she won’t be able to be
With him, with him, with him, him, with him, him, him

But a bridge outta sticks won’t be strong
And one day soon an iron man will come along
He will build a bridge strong outta steel
And humble the songbird will fly away from the hill
From here, from here, from here, here, from here, from here