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  1. Hold On

From the album Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 7

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Hold On

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Written by: Andrea Wittgens, Tim Johnson, Jimm McIver, Adrienne Hatkin
Performed by: Andrea Wittgens – lead vocals, piano / Tim Johnson – lead vocals, tenor guitar / Adrienne Hatkin – backing vocals, accordion / Jimm McIver – acoustic guitar, backing vocals / Victor DeLorenzo - percussion


Whoa… whoa… whoa

Out with my honey for a Sunday drive
We’ll take the bridge, sakes alive
I don’t know, dear, it’s so damn old
Oh not to worry, it’s good as gold

Remember that time when the circus crossed?
Oh come on now, just two bears lost
But Old Maid Pickle went into the bay
Nobody liked her anyway

She’s been standing since ‘31
Used to be the strongest gal under the sun
Girders are bendin’ and the rivets are popped
We’re on the deck and we can’t stop

Hold on (Jiminy Cricket), hold on (Gallopin’ Gertie), hold on (Buckle up, baby)
Hold on, baby, she won’t let us down

Say there honey that’s a steep incline
Now, don’t worry darlin’ we’ll be fine
But the bridge is up and the mouth is wide
I’ll gun it good to the other side

Oh dear lord we’re in midair
Well then flap your wings, I don’t care!
There goes the bear, Miss Pickle too
Oh, we’ll fly right over just me and you!

She’s been standin’ since ‘31
Used to be the strongest gal under the sun
Cables are strong and the paint is bright
We made it over and we’re out of sign

Hold on (Ahhha!), hold on (I got it, I got it, I got it), hold on (Watch out, honey!)
Hold on, baby, she won’t let us

Hold on (Grind my gears), hold on (Ahhh!), hold on (Double Dutch it)
Hold on baby she won’t let us down
No, no
Hold on baby she won’t let us down

 © Citizens for Our Bridge, Inc./Steel Bridge Creative Foundation -  All Rights Reserved.