From the recording Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 4

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(Victor DeLorenzo, Danielle Gasparro, Rick Younglove) Performed by: Victor DeLorenzo, Danielle Gasparro, Rick Younglove, Peri DeLorenzo, melaniejane


Standing here
In the rain
But your shadow still remains
People run for cover as the clouds roll in
I don’t hear the thunder
Just your voice upon the wind

Whisper softly
Darling dear
In this moment
Let’s be clear
Right or wrong knows nothing but for heaven’s gate
Memories linger in the sunlight over heavy rain

Sunny day
You’re my sunny day

You’re the eye
Of the storm
Love will rise out of your form
Pulls me through the grey
To the baby blue
When the wind turns, I’ll turn my thoughts again to you

You’re my sunny day