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  1. Had I Known
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Had I Known (Sugar Ransom, Charlie Cheney, Carley Baer) Sugar Ransom - guitar, lead vocals / Carley Baer - accordion, bg vocals / Charlie Cheney - lead guitar, vocals


I woulda drawn you an atlas
Made you a map of
The difficult miles

I woulda fed you your medicine
Read the directions
Given you time

Oh, had I known
Where the river ran over the road
I woulda built you a bridge
To help you get home

We charted your course with a compass
Then you took to wanderin’
And I watched you go

If I had known how your stars had
Been spinnin’ I
Woulda given my own


Nothing is left to be done, done
Nothing is left to be done
Everything now comin’ undone
So hard to know where to go
When the river runs over the road
But I woulda built you a bridge
To help you get oh (chorus)

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