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  1. The End

From the recording Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 7

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The End

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Written by: Jim Schwall, Carlo Angeletti, Adam Mackintosh
Performed by: Alessandro Angeletti – bass drums / Jim Schwall – bass, vocals / Adam Mackintosh – piano, lead guitar / Carlo Angeletti – acoustic guitar / Jamey Clark – snare & hat, percussion


The drawbridge is up, and I’m stuck right here
Just what’s goin’ on ain’t exactly clear
I guess I can’t go nowhere ‘til the bridge goes down
So I’m outta my car and I’m lookin’ around

There just ain’t a whole lot to see
I can’t see where I’m goin’, only where I been
I know that this ain’t no big catastrophe
But I really can’t imagine the end

Well, we moved in together, now I’m stuck right here
The tv is on and I just got another beer
She went to bed without invitin’ me
So one more beer is about all I think this is gonna be

What the hell happened to my lady love
Don’t feel like her lover, better feel like a friend
Once we were just so crazy much in love
I really can’t imagine the end
I really can’t imagine the end