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  1. Hey Steel Bridge

From the recording Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 1

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(J.J. Verner)


Hey steel bridge
How are ya holdin’ up
Over the water
That I sail down
I see your high beams
Slowly rusting
But soon the paint trucks will come around
And the wheels keep rolling
Over your trestle
I’d like to thank you
For letting through my vessel

Hey steel bridge
Grey as the rainy sky
How many tons
What was the cost
How many stories
Have you witnessed
How many stories
Have become lost
Don’t, don’t you feel like you’re taken for granted
Standing like Atlas
Cemented in the mud
You do a job here
And that job ain’t done

Hey steel bridge
I gotta keep movin’ on
I ride across you
Sometime, someday
I know you’ll be here
There’s people that do care
If you hold up, we’ll all keep rollin’ on
If you hold up, we’ll all keep rollin’ on