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  1. Our Lost Goodbye

From the recording Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 2 & 3

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(Don DiLego, Susan Howe)


I made a promise
To love and be honest
To you, my sweet memory
Until the age of nine
I was yours and you were mine
The broken boughs of others
Had carried you away

Now I’m the bridgetender
Just hoping you remember
That game we used to play
Where we’d dream that we’d get married
On the bow of that old ferry
So I’m hoping you will find the place where we’d say our lost goodbye

I’ve made a fine success here
But my house up on the hill
Stands as empty as my heart
When my mother drove so fast that day
The love we had was torn away
I’ve had years of sleepless nights
Rehearsing words I’d say to you

So I tell the bartender
All the sweet things I remember
About the games we used to play
That they’d raise that bridge for us
Like we were so important
That bridge might be the place where we could find our lost goodbye

I’ve spent years
With this heartache
Always watching for a sign
Once again you’d be mine
So imagine my amazement
The day your eyes returned my gaze
Holy shit, I realized
That I forgot your name

So why did we hold on
To a dream that is gone
After all, we were only nine years old
Even though I’m sure you’re nice
I just can’t believe that I spent my life
Pining over someone I don’t know

So here we’ll play our final game
You’ll raise that bridge, and you’ll sail away
While the traffic stops and the people wave
And the whistle blows for the big parade
And the governor calls it a holiday
And everyone stands just to hear us say

Hey, it’s nice to see you
Yeah, you too, take care

And that’s
Our last