1. No Big Dumb Ape (Sam Lyons, Bear Schacht, Patrick Kelly) Sam Lyons - acoustic guitar, vocals / Patrick Kelly - acoustic guitar / Bear Schacht - ukulele, vocals


Let me tell you a story ‘bout Sturgeon Bay
‘Bout the time they were invaded by a big dumb ape
How the people came together to answer the call
Defend against an ape forty stories tall

King Kong came to Sturgeon Bay
Looks like he’s come here to stay
You could hear the people say
How can we make him go away

Teeth long as your arm, sharp as knives,
Come to tear apart our lives
They stood up strong, and all could feel,
That they were part of something real

Guitars like guns, bullets of song
Don’t sound like much, and it could take long
Fought the odds, to prove him wrong
He might be bigger but he ain’t so strong

He can try to eat us alive
His power may seem to thrive
But despite his strength and size,
The voice of the people will survive

Broken teeth, bones of steel,
Proved to be too tough a meal

Ran that ape right out of town
But to this day we look around
Can you see the footprints in the ground?
A shadow lingering o’er the town

It was thirteen years ago, almost to the day
When the beast came to town and was sent away
And the bridge still stretches out across the bay
You can see that steel shining on a sunny day