17. Long Way Round to You (Patrick Kelly, Carley Baer, Alex Hand) Patrick Kelly - vocals / Carley Baer - baritone ukulele, vocals / Alex Hand - guitar / Barrett Tasky - upright bass / Jamey Clark - drums


Tonight could be the night
And the only end in sight
Is the morning light breaking through your window
Well, I’ve never spent the night
But I’ve got a feeling I might
And my excitement is hitting a crescendo

Smelling fresh and clean
I pressed my favorite jeans
Ready for my date with destiny (destiny!)
I took the normal route
Sign says the bridge is out???
Seems circumstances got the best of me

Well, I locked my front door
Now I’m standin’ at the shore
Trying to figure out what I should do
My plans are headed south
Cuz that old steel bridge is out
So I have to take the long way ‘round to you

Don’t wanna miss my shot
It’s the only one I’ve got
It’s too early in the season to be skating
So do I dig a hole
Do I get a vaulting pole
It’s never wise to leave a lady waiting


Tried to build a boat
But the damn thing wouldn’t float
Just thinkin’ ‘bout that water makes me shiver (brrr)
I don’t know how to swim
But I might just dive right in
I’ve got a might precious package to deliver (shrinkage!)

Chorus x2