1. Sturgeon Bay
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Sturgeon Bay (Geri X, Mike Bleck, Landon Capelle, Michael McKinnon) Geri X - vocals / Landon Capelle - vocals / Michael McKinnon - vocals, guitar / Mike Bleck - vocals / Barrett Tasky - guitar swells


Sturgeon Bay, don’t you know how bad I wanna stay?
Am I insane? For feeling lonely when I drive away
But you never hold me back or stop me
When I turn around and walk away
Why would you let me walk away

Door County, tell me are you still my girl?
Do you miss me like I’ve missed you
You’re the reason why I’m comin’ home
I’m on my way to, the old secret place we used to play
I still remember I still remember that day

Can we party on the bridge tonight?
Meet me at the Holiday
I promise I won’t start a fight
Who bows down to who
Doesn’t matter
Because we’re all the same
We’re all the same
We’re all the same

I know I won’t get to stay
Home here in Sturgeon Bay
Even though everywhere
That I go
I can still see your face
Still longing for the sweet embrace
There is nowhere I would rather be
Than this starry little city
Where everything is so close to me
You’re always there
When it’s needed the most
But you let me come and go
As I so please
It’s all gone with the summer wind
I can’t stand to leave you again
I can’t stand
To leave you again

Sturgeon Bay
Do you know why I wanna stay
I feel insane and lonely
Every time I drive away