Steel Bridge Songs Vols. 2&3
  • Steel Bridge Songs Vols. 2&3
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This is a Double Album! There were so many great songs from Steel Bridge Songfest Year 3 that we printed two discs. Featuring Jane Wiedlin, James Hall, Victoria Vox, Eric McFadden, Geri X, Blueheels, and many more! Written and recorded at the Holiday Music Motel during Steel Bridge Songfest 3 in June 2007.
The Sturgeon Bay Bridge has long been an object of controversy in Door County, Wisconsin, where folks either love or hate it. Time after time, the 80-year-old monstrosity has had to prove its worth to avoid the wrecking ball. Steel Bridge Songfest started celebrating its existence in 2005, and has rapidly become a new Door County tradition. Now more people seem to be loving that old bridge.
The Construction Zone is a week of collaborative songwriting that coincides with the festival. Writing takes place in motel rooms, coffee shops, down by the waterside, all over town. Writers are asked to write songs using the bridge as inspiration. "The Bridge-with-a-capital-B has long been a potent metaphor in popular song," says CZ founder pat mAcdonald. "The steel drawbridge is a great symbol of strength and of joining together, the melding of diverse cultures, divergent views, the old and the new, the words and the music, the tangible and the intangible..."
Steel Bridge Songfest, with its infusion of new songs written solely for the event, is truly a first-of-its-kind festival, merging forward-thinking with historic preservation. Young and old, tourists and locals, the rich and the struggling, the hip and the conservative, come together in a common cause. New bridges made of music and song save an old one made of steel.
These songs bring the message, convey the fun, and immortalize the spirit of Steel Bridge Songfest. The writers and artists have all volunteered their time, energy, and creativity to this project. Proceeds and royalties will be donated to the Steel Bridge Fund held by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Thanks for your support!
Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves
Recorded June 11-16, 2007 by Steve Hamilton at the Holiday Motel, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Engineering and technical support: Chris Aaron
Mastered with the generous help of Dick Bond at Toyland Studios, Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Mastering engineers: Travis Kasperbauer, Steve Hamilton, Dick Bond
Illustration by Arketype, Inc.
Design and layout by Greg Welsh and Joe Kaftan

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