Steel Bridge Songs Vol.4
  • Steel Bridge Songs Vol.4
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Recorded at Beach Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay, WI for Steel Bridge Songfest 4 in June of 2008. Featuring Jane Wiedlin, Lynda Kay, Louise Goffin, Kacy Crowley, and other great women and a bunch of guys too! 
2008 looked like it might be a tough year for bridge songs. A motel fire moved the Songwriters out to Beach Harbor Resort (Thanks Beach Harbor!) where, though it looked like a toy in the distance, the bridge still managed to inspire. A week of rain brought out images of water and a feeling of wanting to "get across."
Taking inspiration where they could find it, the writers rose once again to the challenge, producing a brilliant rainbow of songs as impressive for its cohesiveness as for its diversity. Selecting only fourteen for this disc wasn't easy! Thanks to the writers and to the volunteers who donated hour upon hour to see this through. This collection would not have been possible without your love and support! Special thanks to Christie Weber for her unwavering vigilance and dedication. And thanks finally to the bridge herself, for bringing us all together! xo, p
Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves
Recorded June 9-14, 2008
by Steve Hamilton and Travis Kasperbauer at Beach Harbor Resort
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Engineering and technical support: Steve Hamilton, Travis Kasperbauer, pat mAcdonald, Chris Aaron, Billy Triplett, Kevin Horvath, Dan O Stoffels
Mixed at Makin' Sausage Music (Milwaukee, WI)
Mastered by Travis Kasperbauer, Steve Hamilton, and pat mAcdonald at Master Blaster (Madison, WI)
Studio assistance: Mark Addison, Bryan Ciruillo, Ben Dowland, melaniejane, Dan O Stoffels, Shawn Tanimoto
Graphic Design by Joe Kaftan, Greg Welsh
Guitar Illustration by Arketype
Bridge Illustration by Niki Kaftan
Collage Illustration by ADMACK
Dedicated in loving memory to Paulie Rocco (1962-2009)

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