Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 5
  • Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 5
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Featuring Geri X, Eric McFadden, Kim Manning, Delaney Davidson, and many more! Recorded at the Holiday Music Motel in 2009.
The Sturgeon Bay Bridge has long been an object of controversy in Door County, Wisconsin, where folks either love or hate it. Time after time, the 80-year-old monstrosity has had to prove its worth to avoid the wrecking ball. Steel Bridge Songfest started celebrating its existence in 2005, and has rapidly become a new Door County tradition. Now more people seem to be loving that old bridge.
The Construction Zone is a week of collaborative songwriting that coincides with the festival. Writing takes place in motel rooms, coffee shops, down by the waterside, all over town. Writers are asked to write songs using the bridge as inspiration. "The Bridge-with-a-capital-B has long been a potent metaphor in popular song," says CZ founder pat mAcdonald. "The steel drawbridge is a great symbol of strength and of joining together, the melding of diverse cultures, divergent views, the old and the new, the words and the music, the tangible and the intangible..."
Now with its rehab well underway, our bridge faces a more secure future. Thanks to the Wisconsin DOT and all who helped in the struggle to save her, especially to those who continue in the preservation effort!
Recorded June 11-14, 2009 by Steve Hamilton, Billy Triplett, and Dan O Stoffels at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves.
Studio assistance: Kevin Horvath, Paola Villa.
Mastered by Steve Hamilton at Makin' Sausage Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Graphic design by Greg Welsh.
Thanks to all our sponsors, fans, friends, families, and supporters, bridge-huggers one and all!
Proceeds and royalties for this collection go to Citizens For Our Bridge, a non-profit dedicated to preservation and the arts.

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