Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 9: CD
  • Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 9: CD

Steel Bridge Songs Vol. 9: CD

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MORE songs inspired by the bridge!!! Written and recorded at the Holiday Music Motel during the week of Steel Bridge Songfest 2013. 
Packaged in a 4-panel Eco-wallet.
Sturgeon Bay's Michigan Street Bridge was reopened to traffic in 2011. After decades of neglect and a long battle for preservation followed by a complete rehab of its historic structure, it is restored to its original glory. We like to think this ongoing collection of songs helped secure this happy ending. While the victory took many voices inside and outside our community, the music created at The Holiday Music Motel fueled the fight.
But the struggle against the onslaught of vacant, disposable culture goes on. And the steel bridge stands as a living reminder of the importance of resistance--what better symbol of connection, purpose, and permanence exists?
So we who write songs, who are inspired by impressive things both old and new, will continue to raise our voices, to create commotions to honor the bridge and commemorate the fight to save her.
Recorded June 9-16, 2013 by Billy Triplett, Steve Hamilton, and Dan O Stoffels at The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Studio assistance: Steve Smith, Chris Aaron, and Jon Kanis
Air Traffic Control: melaniejane
Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves.
Mastered by Steve Hamilton at Makin' Sausage Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Package design by Greg Welsh
Design with artwork by Arketype, Inc.
All proceeds go to Citizens For Our Bridge, a benevolent organization dedicated to the preservation of our Bridge and the historic character of downtown Sturgeon Bay.
Thanks to all our bridge-hugging friends, fans, and families, and special thanks to the bridge herself for hanging in there all these years!

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