Steel Bridge Songfest Performer Info and FAQ's
Performer Submission Deadline: April 1st, 2019
Late submissions are accepted based on availability.

#1 Q: How do I submit to perform?

Step 1. READ THESE FAQs FIRST!!! Really.
Step 2. Send an email to with "Offer To Play" and artist/band name in the subject line.
Step 3. Include SOME kind of personal touch so it is obvious you read the FAQs and know what this festival is about. We don't want to waste your (or our) time answering basic questions easily found here on the site.
Step 4. Include a web-link to your website, bandcamp, reverbnation or SOMEplace where we can listen to your music; please include a link to a live performance video. Send a description of your band, including the number of members, type of music, and basic instrumentation that would be coming to perform (unless you are solo, then please indicate that as well). Also include the city / state you are based out of, the best contact phone number, and performance date preference(s).
Step 5. Click send.  :)

Entries received after the Submission Deadline will only be read and considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability.

*** PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT PRETEND TO HAVE "MANAGEMENT" Long story short, we aren't any more impressed and it adds a lot of time having to explain things to your "manager" and then again to you the "artist." Bottom line, don't embarrass yourself like that. We want to speak directly with you anyways. We don't deal with middle-men.  :)

#2 Q: Can I play cover songs at the festival? Can I claim my performance with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?
No. Please be prepared to perform your original material only. People come here for the love of discovering new ORIGINAL artists and music!
VERY IMPORTANT!!!! All performers must sign a release stating they are performing all original material and that they will not claim performances to ASCAP, SESAC or BMI of their original materials while here at Steel Bridge Songfest. 

#3 Q: Will I be paid for my performance?
Please know this is a VOLUNTEER festival and although we would LOVE to pay all of you for your generous contribution of time and talents, we simply do not have the budget. NO musicians are paid for their performance at Steel Bridge (including chief organizers pat mAcdonald and melaniejane who also donate thousands of volunteer hours). We will; however, gladly provide you with passes for the weekend and a limited number of guest passes for those traveling with you. We will also provide some reimbursement for gas expenses and hopefully a little more. Again, we THANK YOU for your generosity and as you look out upon the Steel Bridge, please know it is largely due to YOUR EFFORTS the bridge is finally saved and our community continues to grow and be inspired by your annual visits! (See our financials page for more info.)

#4 Q: Do you provide accommodations for all musicians?
No. We regret we cannot provide accommodations for all musicians. If we have been able to arrange something with you, you will have had clear communication through email exchange. We appreciate everyone who has been able to make their own arrangements! For those of you looking for accommodations, please visit the "Accommodations" page of the website. Here, we have listed local hotels, bed and breakfasts, camp sites, RV Parks....

BOOK YOUR ROOMS RIGHT AWAY!!! If you have trouble finding a hotel room, please write to We are working with a few hotels in the area to help secure accommodations for the musicians and festival goers. It's going to be a busy weekend here in Door County so book early!!! (See our
Accommodations page.) We also have several wonderful friends in the community who are happy to open their doors to visiting musicians as well. We'll do whatever we can to help you find a place to stay!

#5 Q: How long will I get to play?
Unless other arrangements have been made, bands are typically given 30 - 40 min sets allowing for a 15 min changeover for teardown and setup. Solos and duos typically get a 3-4 song set (15 min max) though some longer sets are permitted depending on circumstances. Some solos and duos may be scheduled for more than one performance (thus the shorter set time). We do our best to make sure we give you good exposure. Times and set lengths are subject to change and will be regulated by the venue host/stage manager. Please be flexible! These are just basic guidelines to help you to better prepare for your performance.

It is important to run AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the scheduled set times so everyone gets their full set length. PLEASE be flexible and supportive of the other musicians.

#6 Q: What if I haven't heard back yet?
If you have not received a response and are still interested in performing, PLEASE WRITE AGAIN! We want to be sure to respond to EVERYONE who has so generously offered their time and talent. It is entirely possible some emails have been lost in the shuffle (we get 100s of them!).

#7 Q: I am confirmed to perform, what should I do right NOW?!? 
PLEASE CHECK THE PERFORMER LIST AND VERIFY THAT YOUR NAME, CITY AND WEB LINK ARE CORRECT. Any problems or corrections, please email Also, please take a moment to get familiar with the other artists who will be joining you this year! Steel Bridge is as much about--or more about--listening and discovering other people's music as it is about being heard.  (If you have a specific photograph you'd like used for promotion, please send; otherwise, we reserve the right to choose one for you, if one is needed.)

#8 Q: What information do you need from me once I am confirmed to perform?
We will need a list of band members (names) including what instruments they play so we can be prepared with the right equipment for you! Please make sure we have your cell phone # so we can reach you. A secondary contact # whenever possible is greatly appreciated. If available, please send your basic stage plot to

#9 Q: What should I list on my website once I am confirmed to perform?
PLEASE ADD "Steel Bridge Songfest” with the corresponding date of your performance (once you have it) to your websites, Facebook, myspace, reverbnation, etc. with a link to We ask artists NOT to list specific venues or times but rather refer people to for the most accurate and up-to-date calendar of events. VENUES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

#10 Q: What can I do to help promote?
In addition to adding to all of your gig calendars, Facebook, Twitter, etc (#9). please also send out to your email list. Also, if anyone is willing to hang posters in their area, please write to Nicole at and she will put you in contact with someone who can send them to you. If any of you have connections to the media (radio, newsprint, blogs), please let them know about Steel Bridge Songfest!

Also, be sure you "like" the Steel Bridge Songfest Facebook page, share announcements, post your own messages, etc. Let your fans know to look for the most up-to-date information at

Lastly, please "join" the official Steel Bridge Songfest Facebook event. (Please DO NOT create your own event! It's too confusing to the public!) and SHARE IT with your fans. ****** "like" and share the official Facebook page here.

#11 Q: Where do I check in at the festival?
All musicians need to check in at the Steel Bridge Songfest Office in the Tambourine Collaboratory (59 N 2nd Avenue & Louisiana Street) adjacent to the Holiday Music Motel. Please check in between 11am-9pm on any day of the festival. Here, you will receive your passes and confirm your location and time of performance. You will also need to sign your performance release form at this time. Bands may send one person as a representative of the group. If you are NOT able to check in between 11am-9pm, please make prior arrangements with Nicole at Email is preferred. If emergency, you may call her direct at 920-559-0384.

#12 Q: Are performers' passes valid for all four days of the festival?
Yes, they are! Please check in early and come for all 4 days!!!! Support your fellow musicians! So much great music to hear!!!

#13 Q: Can I have an extra pass for my mom's friend's sister-in-law's boyfriend's kid's best friend's cousin who will be traveling with me?
Yes, we will provide a limited number of guest passes for performing musicians. In general, we provide 1 guest pass per band member. If you need more, advance arrangements must be made with Nicole.

#14 Q: What time should I arrive at the venue?
Please arrive NO LESS THAN 1 hour prior to your performance time and check in with the venue stage manager / sound technician. Not only will this help the stage managers by letting them know you’ve arrived, but you will also be supporting the other musicians as well! If you do not check in within a reasonable amount of time PRIOR to your scheduled performance, your spot may be given to another group. Any problems, call Nicole at 920-559-0384.

#15 Q: Will there be a PA in the venue I'm playing?
Yes! We are setting up all venues with appropriate PAs. It is always a good idea to bring your own mic and mic stand, if you require more than 2. Please bring your own cables (and it is always a good idea to clearly mark your gear!!!).

#16 Q: Is a backline provided in the venue I'm playing?
Each venue will provide PA and sound tech (of course), bass rig and drums for backline***. Drummers, please bring throne, pedal and cymbals. We are very sorry but due to the limited space available and the short amount of changeover time, drummers will be expected to use the backline provided (we promise, no crap). Each venue will also have a min of 2 DIs and 3 vocal mics (some may have more, if a bigger venue, but best to check/confirm, if more than 3 are needed). If you require more than this, please bring your own. If you are willing to share any of your backline amps, etc., please let Nicole know so we can let the other musicians know… and please know how much your generosity is appreciated!
***DC Makers Space is a smaller venue so there will not be a full drum kit. There will be a suitcase kit (suitcase with foot petal attached to it, hi-hat, & snare drum) and a bass rig.
Keyboards: We have full size electric pianos with weighted keys available. If you need a synth or organ, please bring your own.
***There will NOT be a piano at the Red Room (due to lack of floor space). If you are scheduled to play at this venues, please bring your own keyboard.

#17 Q: I'm flying into Green Bay Airport.  How the heck do I get to the festival?!
Our volunteers help to provide transportation to and from the Green Bay airport for all performing musicians. Please send your flight info at least 10 days in advance to

#18 Q: Is this a fundraising event?
No. The truth of the matter is this is a gift to the community, a grass-roots public awareness effort. The truth also is the festival pretty much only pays for the festival itself and little more (see our financials page for more info).

#19 Q: May I bring CDs and other merch to sell at the festival?
Yes yes YES!!! PLEASE bring your merch with you and feel free to sell it whenever and wherever! SBSF does NOT want any commission or percentage of your sales!!!! If you play during a daytime concert, check your merch in at the merch tent and we will sell it for you! A lot of the musicians coming here are able to cover expenses and then some by selling their merch at their shows!

#20 Q: May I book other gigs in Door County the week of the festival?
We ask all performers NOT to book other gigs in or around Door County during or leading up to the festival or immediately following. We want to encourage your fans to come see you in Sturgeon Bay and experience the amazing energy the Steel Bridge Songfest has to offer!

#21 Q: Who are the people running the festival?
The core of organizers is actually quite small (pat mAcdonald, melaniejane and Nicole Henquinet) for whom this is a labor of love. Then there's the many many volunteers who help with everything from recording to sound and PAs, transportation, food, set up, clean up, door monitors, etc.... you name it! Without our volunteers, none of this would be possible. BIG THANKS to all of the performers, our BIGGEST core of volunteers, for donating your time and talents to this cause. You helped save the bridge and now are helping enrich and inspire the community. The effects of your contribution are long-lasting and deeply felt.  Know anyone who would like to volunteer??? Please send them to

#22 Q: Will there be transportation between the venues?
Taxi service is available. All the evening venues are on 3rd Ave and within walking distance of each other.

Although the Sturgeon Bay Police Department is extremely supportive of our efforts, their presence is increased drastically during the festival and THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRINKING AND DRIVING AS WELL AS ANY KIND OF OTHER RECREATIONAL SUBSTANCES!!! So just don't do it!
Also, please make sure your license plates are current, headlights working, etc.
PLEASE help us to maintain our stellar record!!!! Pretty incredible considering the tens of thousands of people who have come here over the years for the festival! Remember, you are a guest as well as an ambassador of SBSF. We want to maintain a positive image in the community!!!

#23 Q: Will I be able to park my car/van/Airstream trailer?
YES! There is ample street parking and free lots all throughout the downtown area! If you are staying overnight in your trailer, you need to park in a designated RV area.

#24 Q: I still have questions!!! Who can I ask?!?!?
Nicole is the artist liaison. You may contact her at

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