Great Lakes Yacht Services Boatyard Becomes SBSF Main Stage
Posted May 19th, 2008 by Linda

May 16, 2008
Linda Akins

Great Lakes Yacht Services
Hosts Steel Bridge SongFest for Fourth Year

Boatyard Rocks with Bands, Songwriters and Music Fans

The Great Lakes Yacht Services boatyard provides the setting for the final day of the annual Steel Bridge SongFest, scheduled this year for June 12 to 14. When not serving as the largest stage in Door County, the yard is used as a working area for servicing boats. Its location at the approach to the Sturgeon Bay Bridge and in the downtown Sturgeon Bay Historic District makes it one of the most intriguing sites in the state, and even the nation, for a music concert. Singer/songwriter legend Jackson Browne called it “one of the most beautiful places I have ever played in the world and I have played in a lot of places.”

The stage is situated in such a way as to allow concert-goers to watch the bridge tender manage the lift for boats to pass. Many songs have been written at the festival saluting the bridge tender and he always gets a shout during the concert. Throughout the concert, which begins at noon, fans can listen to music and boat horns in concert as yachts work their way past the concert venue. A canopy protects everyone from the heat, and a spectacular sunset tops off the day. At sundown fans watch the moon rise as the final musicians do their encore performances.

Sheila Turner, owner of the boatyard, generously donates the site every year for the festival. She joins thousands of local sponsors, volunteers, musicians and others who are devoted to staging the concert annually in honor of the bridge. The ship yard can accommodate about 6000 concert goers who listen to original music while enjoying a Wisconsin Point beer, Johnsonville Brat and an array of local fare all day under the massive protective canopy.
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